Amethyst Crystal Facial Roller


Our facial massager helps melt away puffiness and reawaken tired skin for a natural, healthy glow.

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Regular massaging with our amethyst roller provides many skin health perks and anti-aging benefits, including :

  • Helps melt away puffiness from water retention
  • Reawakens tired skin by stimulating blood flow
  • Features rose gold construction with two amethyst crystal rollers — one for face and neck, and one for under the eyes

Move the roller over your skin in an outwards direction for a relaxing massage. Use it over facial oils, serums, masks and moisturizers to increase product absorption.

Bonus Tip : For an extra calming effect, place the roller in the refrigerator or on ice for a few minutes.

Note : Due to natural formations in the stones, each tool will be unique and vary in size and color.

After each use, your crystal roller should be cleaned with a moist facial towelette only on the crystal parts. Do not immerse the roller in water.