Join Our Board

We invite entries to be on our select board overlooking the Lunalis Together Strategic Pillar.

As a board member, you will plan and work with us on the transformation plan and empowerment of women in Morocco and overall worldwide efforts.

To be eligible, submit your idea for a new product along with completing a short survey and sign up for Lumine Lab.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Women-Powered Organic Farms

Lunalis has a clear objective of sourcing from and transforming women-powered organic farms across the globe especially where women need to be supported the most.

We invite the Lunalis in you to hold our outstretched hand, and come on a journey experiencing transformation beyond just for self.

Transformation over Status Quo

We believe the only constant is change. Life is a collection of experiences, and the richer experiences, more luxurious life. Be it our ingredients, our product development, collaborating with Lunalis women or transforming the lives of women across the world, with our products and strategic initiatives, we believe every woman deserves to live a luxurious life filled with infinite possibilities.

“Like a butterfly, that brings the world together with her iridescence and enterprise.”

Lunalis caters to multiple complexions and skin types without discrimination, runs a Lumine Lab that brings together women of all color, ethnicities, race and region and empowers women world-wide with Lunalis Together.

Morph Together with Women all over the World

Personally get to know their families, personalities, ambitions, hardships, and spirit.

See the transformation online with images and news on Pinboard.