At Lunalis, we strive to create a luxurious life with infinite possibilities for all.

We pride ourselves on bringing together people from all over the world, by creating a natural skin care brand that enables excitement and embraces change. Our products are with plant-powered, meaning that they are super dense in nutrition, which provides tangible and lasting results while being gentle on the skin. With all of these components combined, together, we can glow beautifully.

Instant and Lasting Radiance

Our Luxurious Medley of Oils formulated with Prickly Pear Oil, 24K gold and plant-powered, nutrient dense ingredients work together to instantly revitalize the skin, along with delivering lasting radiance and hydration throughout the day. All ingredients are plant-powered and clinically tested.

Make Up Friendly

Non-Interfering: Sophistication and Luxury should not weigh down the spirit of Lunalis. The products don’t interfere with make-up and keep you relaxed and focused on making things happen, bringing the world together and inspiring all.

Add it to your routine: Use the Extreme Face Oil as a primer, add it to your foundation for extra glow, or highlighter! Ready. Set. Glow!


Fast Absorption: A staple in our products, Pomegranate Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil, allow for quick absorption into your skin. Liberating you to carry on with the LUMINE LIFE.

Residue Free: Jojoba, Pomegranate Seed oil along with our other nutrition-dense, plant-powered ingredients won’t leave you with residue on your skin. Together, these products will not weigh your down, only lift you up!

Both AM and PM: Our Lumin Lab fans and our cutting edge Scientific lab, attest to the fact that our products can be used both in the morning before you take on daily pursuits and night after a busy day!

No Label Luxury

All Skin Types: Lunalis products are formulated with nutritious, plant-powered ingredients that are compatible for all skin types especially dry, dull and mature complexions.

Multiple Complexions: We think of the whole world as one big family. We wanted to create a skin care line that successfully performs on multiple complexions, leaving no one behind.
Together, we can all live a lumine life.