Nothing captures beautiful transformation better than the butterfly — the ethereal creature for which our company, Lunalis, was named. With this iconic symbol of hope, change, and enchantment as our inspiration, we created life-giving skincare that allows women’s best skin to transform, emerge, and take flight. Because at Lunalis, we believe your light shouldn’t be dimmed by aging…We believe your spirit should only soar higher throughout the journey of life…We believe “a thing of beauty is a joy forever: It’s loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness” (John Keats).You already have wings. Lunalis simply gives you the confidence to fly!

Our Story

Sisters Laila and Nana, the founders of Lunalis, were yearning to create a natural, radiating yet simple, and lightweight luxury skincare line without the fuss of indulgent routines and hassles.

“The dream was to create an all embracing and not an elitist luxury skin care line that inspires togetherness whilst allowing the ever transforming and luminous, Lunalis woman, live an expanded life.”

The inspiration all started through their personal experiences with the women working in the beautiful mountains of their native home, Morocco. Even in the most treacherous and dry environments they saw working women with the most luscious hair and skin. But how? After conversation, these women shared how they were able to have radiant skin and glowing locks even in the driest conditions.

The secret was within their own home, it was one of nature’s most dense elixirs: Prickly Pear Seed Oil. This discovery and realization that this natural miracle oil could work wonders for the skin and hair was a trigger that flourished into a full-fledged plan to create Lunalis.

After their enlightening discovery, they knew that they could create something life-changing, but they needed to ensure that there was a demand for a brand like the one they envisioned. Thus, they spoke to hundreds of modern, yet accomplished women and learned that many of them were not satisfied with the current elaborate routines that came along with the available luxury skin care brands. With this problem at hand, and the knowledge they had, Laila and Nana created the ultimate solution: Lunalis.

Launched in 2019, after testing and perfecting the products for over 2 years, Lunalis embodies everything they had dreamed of. Currently collaborating with others of the same ilk, Laila and Nana are trying to help transform the lives, families and villages of the Morocco and women all over the world, because everyone’s light should be remembered forever.


Successfully create a brand that embodies a luxurious life with infinite possibilities. While, bringing people from all over the world together, with a skin care line that gives excitement and joy by providing tangible and lasting results while being gentle on the skin so you can glow beautifully in everything you do.


PLANT-POWERED, NUTRITION DENSE INGREDIENTS: We source supremely regenerative, nourishing and age-defying ingredients from Nature.

SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED PLANT-POWERED INGREDIENTS: We fully understand that being natural and plant-based is only half the battle, especially for a luxury brand like Lunalis. Therefore, we work very closely with an advanced science lab in the USA that clinically test the effectiveness of our products to ensure the most luxurious results.

Our satisfied consumers testify that Lunalis beats the traditional products when it comes to instant radiance and lasting revitalization of their skin. The magic of science and synergy in our carefully well-thought out formulas enable us to ensure that our products stay lightweight and don’t interfere with your daily routine, and provide lasting results, because your light should be remembered forever.


FAIR TRADE ETHICAL SOURCING: We pay a fair price for superior plant ingredients and source them exclusively from our women-powered farm partners and trusted ingredient suppliers, with whom not only do we have long-term relationships but we also work proactively under “Lumine Together” initiative to transform the lives, families and villages of those women.

SUBSTANCE AND OVER AIMLESS SOPHISTICATION: At Lunalis, we believe in beauty beyond mere adornment as a trophy. Sophistication to us has a personality which is not into excessive indulgence but has substance and purpose, not an object flaunted with all its frills.

ORGANIC AND WILD-CRAFT INGREDIENTS: All our key ingredients, that are responsible for performance, are sourced from organic farms and  crafted by women. It is our endeavor to transform the lives, families and villages of these women.