Nothing captures beautiful transformation quite like the butterfly, the ethereal creature for which the company, Lunalis, is named. With this iconic symbol of hope, change, and enchantment at the root of their inspiration, they have created glow-inducing skincare that allows your best skin to emerge and take flight. They believe that your light shouldn’t be dimmed by aging and that your beauty and spirit should only soar higher throughout the journey of life.

To quote the great John Keats, “A thing…

Lapalme Magazine, USA

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A New Way to Update You on Cruelty-Free Companies

Dear Compassionate Consumer,

We cannot believe how quickly this summer is flying by! As we continue adjusting to our new normal, we are making it even easier to get the latest updates on companies’ commitment to remaining cruelty-free. Read below to learn more about our new Rolling Recommitment page that will give you a snapshot all year long of our certified companies that recommit to our Program, as well as the companies that do not…

Leapingbunny, USA

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Now that the scorching heat of summer is slowing making its way south, it’s time to think about facial products to restore and revitalize your sun-kissed skin that has had too much sun-kissed loving! Whether you are looking to re-moisturize after a dry summer or you are considering some skin-rejuvenating tools, we have some facial products and beauty ideas that will do just the trick. Turn your summer tan into an autumn dream glow that has your skin looking youthful and radiant while making all those IG trolls just a little bit more envious than before…

Dailymom, USA

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SHEEN Review: Lunalis Cosmetics Skin Revival Clay Mask

If you’re familiar with my skincare posts then you know that I am a true believer in face masks. I love incorporating a face mask into my nightly skincare routine at least once a week and to be quite frank, in the time I’ve done that, I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin. I’m about to put you all on a mask that is literally…

Sheenmagazine, USA

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Don’t Fear The Facial Oil

For those with oily or combination skin, facial oils may seem like a disaster waiting to happen.

That’s exactly what I believed. I thought I wasn’t a facial oil person — until the winter of 2017 (and my 40’s) struck with a…

Kelly Frings, USA

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Lunalis Cosmetics Extreme Face Oil

Containing the oil of prickly pear seeds, jojoba, and pomegranate seeds, this silky product softens dry skin, improves elasticity and combats free radicals. The sparkly 24 karat gold flakes have anti-inflammatory properties and help to slow collagen depletion…

Culture Magazin, Canada

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Extreme Face Oil

I love discovering new skincare brands just as much as I love discovering new makeup brands! I’m still new(er) to the world of facial oils, so I was really excited to test this one out from Lunalis Cosmetics. I had not heard of the brand so I went to their website…

Beautystat, USA

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Editor’s Picks – Spring 2019

Lunalis Gold Extreme Face oil was among Editor’s Picks for Natural Products for Gift Shop Magazine -Spring 2019.

Gift Shop, USA

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Lunalis is the Next Level in Natural Skin Care!

Laila Quiroga is the Co-Founder of Lunalis Cosmetics. She founded the company in 2016 with her sister after their mother died from cancer. As you know, health threats come from many angles, including the products we use. Women everywhere are now turning to plant-driven skin solutions…

Unrivaled Magazine, USA

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Aceite facial: ¿qué es y cómo se aplica?

Reemplaza la crema hidratante y le da a la piel un brillo natural. Tiene acción antienvejecimiento y es una herramienta eficaz para la tez seca y desgastada.

Su aroma es suave y no tiene color. Al contacto con la piel su textura es líquida y un tanto aceitosa, pero no grasosa; se absorbe rápidamente y deja una increíble sensación de suavidad.

Unaadiccionllamadamoda, Colombia

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Extreme Face Oil Gold de Lunalis: de l’Or dans un flacon!

Il y a longtemps que je ne vous avais pas proposé une revue sur une huile, et bonne nouvelle, en ce moment ma routine beauté se voit rythmée, non pas par l’utilisation d’une, mais de deux huiles pour le visage. Leur point commun? Les Graines de Figue de Barbarie…

BEAUTÉ-S, Switzerland

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Beauty Best Bets : LUNALIS

When Laila and Nana Quiroga travelled to Morocco, they were struck by the glowing hair and skin of local women in spite of the dryness in the air. The secret to their beauty, they soon found out, was the prickly pear seed oil. Lunalis was created by extracting the power of this unique fruit. The line uses only organic, wildcrafted ingredients scientifically verified for their efficacy…

Beautynewsnyc, USA

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