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Little-Known Beauty Secrets That Delay the Aging Process – Hidden Morocco

When you think of Morocco, what comes to mind? Sandybeaches? Desert paradise? Trip of alifetime? Well, if you thought of any of these words,you wouldn’t be wrong. Morocco is a prizedvacation destination for many reasons. But the physicalbeauty of this North African country isjust the tip of the cactus needle.The women of Morocco have long known about the age-delayingbeauty secrets…

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Don’t fear the facial oil – Kelly Frings, USA

For those with oily or combination skin, facial oils may seem like a disaster waiting to happen.Thankfully, Lunalis launched their Extreme Face Oil in the nick of time. This botanical-based problem solver manages to keep everything in check, from fine lines and dryness to congestion and dullness.There are five different oils concentrated into every stunningly luxe bottle: geranium, jojoba, pomegranate,…

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Extreme Face Oil – Beautystat, USA

I love discovering new skincare brands just as much as I love discovering new makeup brands! I’m still new(er) to the world of facial oils, so I was really excited to test this one out from Lunalis Cosmetics. I had not heard of the brand so I went to their website to read more about them.Lunalis Cosmetics is owned by…

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