3 Tips to Take Your Skin From Stressed to Blessed

Has the pandemic turned your skin into a freakfest? You know the signs. The breakouts. The
dry, rough patches. The inability to get your glow on. If you typically don’t experience these
kinds of skin issues, but have been battling them over the last few months, stress could be the

How Does Stress Affect Your Skin?
To put it simply, stress leads to inflammation, which is your body’s response to a perceived
threat to your health. Sometimes, in response to a threat, your body will release an
inappropriate amount of inflammatory chemicals, leading to flare-ups on your face. A flare-up
can be quite common if you’re already prone to certain skin conditions, like eczema for
example. But too much stress also can cause even the most balanced skin to overreact.
If your stress response to the fear and uncertainty of COVID19 has been high, you might see
the unfortunate effects, like congested pores and irritation, on your face. Now is not the time to
experiment with iffy formulas that may upset your skin even more. Instead, here are three
natural ways to help calm and comfort stressed skin with every soothing application (just
remember to breathe deeply!).

Purify Those Pores
A cloth mask, something that most of us have been wearing in public for the last year, is a
hotbed for bacteria buildup and growth. Just the act of breathing into a tight face covering can
create a warm, moist environment, which is a breeding ground for blemish-causing bacteria.
Sadly, the emergence of acne and congested pores can cause us to stress out even
more…resulting in inflammation…resulting in more breakouts! You see the vicious cycle?

To prevent bacteria buildup, wash your mask after each use with hot soapy water. To rid your
pores of the dirt that’s already present, apply a purifying facial mask containing a gentle yet
effective clay like kaolin or montmorillonite. A clay mask offers a one-two punch against
irritation, as well as acne, excess sebum and enlarged pores. Here are two versatile clays that
can be used on all skin types with little to no risk:

  • Kaolin is a mild clay that cleanses and purifies the skin by removing debris and dead
    skin cells. This type of natural clay is especially beneficial for those with dry or sensitive
  • Montmorillonite (bentonite) clay is supremely purifying and highly absorbent, helping
    to draw out excessive oil, toxins and dirt trapped within the skin.

Soften and Protect
Now is not the time to let your anti-aging guard down. In the quest to purge your skin of
impurities, don’t overlook the need to keep it hydrated and looking plump. When your skin is
overly dry, those fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced and skin looks more tired
overall. To counteract excessive dryness, add a few drops of a botanical oil to your daily
moisturizer. For sensitive skin, these two oils are tops:

  • Sweet almond oil: Sweet Almond Oil gently removes debris from pores, while keeping
    skin soft and supple. It treats all dry skin conditions and may help protect skin from the
    sun’s damaging rays.
  • Prickly pear seed oil: Vitamin-rich Prickly Pear Seed Oil softens dry and mature skin,
    while helping to improve skin’s elasticity, stimulate new cell growth, guard against
    damage-causing free radicals (like UV rays and pollution) and calm inflammation.

Reverse the Redness
A splotchy, inflamed skin tone can be a major downer. To counteract red spots and irritation,
there are three super-natural ingredients that have “anti-inflammatory” listed at the top of their

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: Aloe leaves contain many antioxidants that help firm up skin,
    keep it hydrated and give it a natural glow. Aloe also contains wound healing and
    anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the calming of acne, redness and skin rashes.
  • Sandalwood oil: An excellent skin soother, Sandalwood oil holds significant
    anti-inflammatory properties. It hydrates skin, heals spots and relieves irritation, leaving
    skin feeling calm and looking refreshed.
  • Saffron: An extraordinary skin purifier, Saffron helps to eliminate blackheads and
    dislodge debris from clogged pores, while working against inflammation and

A Blessing in Disguise
The thing is, no matter how many serums you slather on or acne masks you apply, topical
treatments can’t calm a stressed out mind. The real beauty takeaway: take your breakouts and
flare-ups as a blessing in disguise. Your body is sending you a signal that you need to relax and
take time for yourself. So before you follow the tips in this article, inhale and exhale slowly.
Know that what you’re going through right now — whether it’s red spots or breakouts — is only
temporary. However, a proper skincare routine, followed consistently, can put your skin back in
the glow zone and keep it there.

Always perform a patch test before trying any new skincare ingredient or product.
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